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Luke Gibson
I have known Dr. Ryan and Dr. Brooke for over 7 years and not only are they great people, they are excellent Doctors. Very knowledgeable and take the time to understand your condition and develop the appropriate treatments to help you achieve all your goals.

Cynthia Mcdonald
The doctors and the staff are very helpful and caring.

Chris Vann
Amazing experience from start to finish! Couldn't be happier and couldn't imagine going elsewhere!

Dr. Nick Neratka
Have had the pleasure of working with both Brooke and Ryan, and would recommend both of them to anyone and everyone!

Bradley Fritz
Dr. Beck is great and awesome with all ages!

Annette Straub
I have been going to Beck and Blackley Chiropractic for years for various reasons. They are always able to help. The doctors take time to with you to answer all questions and to make sure you understand what is happening within your body. The doctors and staff are genuinely concerned about their patients and their well-being. I highly recommend a visit, whether you have muscle aches or even if you have a virus, they can help!

Anne McGirt
Wow! How do you describe a visit to the back master? I have been thrilled with the help I have received at Beck & Blackley. Whenever I have an attack of sciatica, Dr. Back (aka Dr. Beck) has been able to work magic and help me on the road to normalcy. I can also recommend the sinus treatments to anyone who suffers from hay fever or allergies. I lived with a perfume allergy for over 50 years to the extent that I would cross to the other side of a mall if I were passing a perfume or candle store. After the sinus treatments, I don't have nearly as many sinus headaches, I can actually go into Yankee Candle without a blinding headache, and my husband says I no longer snore. Not what I expected from a chiropractor but the man with the magic lasers is multi-talented!!

A sinus treatment may not be the most fun I've ever had but I've tried about every prescription and over-the-counter sinus medication available and NOTHING works like Dr. Beck's sinus treatment. I joke and tell him that he reduces me to tears every time I see him. The tears do come but, deep down, they are tears of joy because I know that I won't suffer with hay fever and other allergies. I actually look forward to the trees and flowers blooming now!

Andrew George
Dr. Beck treated me for neck and mid back pain. I had been sitting all day at the computer and just chalked the pain up to that. After seeing Dr. Beck, he not only adjusted my spine and stretched out tight muscles, he gave me ways to improve my posture so the pain wouldn't come back. Dr. Beck is very knowledgeable and very caring for his patients. I recommend everyone in the Lumberton area to give Dr. Beck a call!

A E.
I visited Beck and Blackley after a hit and run accident had compromised my range of motion in my neck. I was barely able to look over my shoulder on the highway when merging into traffic. My neck was stiff and ached constantly. After two weeks of adjustments, I regained my ROM, and my neck and back felt amazing. I was able to drive without the constant ache in my neck. I am continuing to receive treatments and experience improved range of motion and relief of pain. The staff and doctors are very efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable. I am very satisfied with their treatment.

Donnie B.
Best Doctors in town, great staff too. All 3 doctors have really helped me with my back, neck, shoulders and gout. I always go to them whenever i'm hurt and they always get me feeling better quickly.

Linda L.
LOVE! LOVE! LOVE the professional hands on care that I receive at your practice. It is so calming to know that we will always have BECK Care in Lumberton to perform MIRACLES without surgery. Please keep your doors OPEN for the BABY BOOMBERS - smile.

Dr. Beck is without question one of the most knowledgeable physicians I have ever been around. I was very impressed by the service I received from the time I walked in to when I left. I personally was pleased with the fact that the he took the time to explain to me exactly what was wrong and how long it would take to fix. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone.

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