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What to Expect 

Chiropractic Services 
for Lumberton, Hope Mills, Fayetteville, St. Pauls, Pembroke & Laurinburg, NC

First Visit

During your first visit, the doctor will review your patient history and have a brief consultation to determine if chiropractic care would be helpful for your symptoms. Next, the doctor will complete a thorough examination and, if necessary, will take X-rays. 

The doctor will review the examination findings and X-ray findings with you during this first visit and review a plan of action for you. Following the review of the examination and X-rays, you will receive your first treatment. 

The first treatment may consist of physical therapy, nutritional consultation, supplement consultation and a chiropractic adjustment, depending on the treatment plan. Following the first treatment, the doctor will discuss the length of expected treatments and will schedule future appointments.

Regular Visits

Regular visits require 15 - 30 minutes. When you arrive at the office you will initial your paperwork, your posture will be checked, and you will be taken to the back by the chiropractor assistant and provided therapy if needed. Then you will be seen by one of our doctors shortly after. After your adjustment, the doctor will have you rest for a few minutes before checking out at the front desk. 

Chiropractic Service Forms

Intake Forms
Please fill out these intake forms for your appointment.

Back Pain Form

If you are experiencing back pain, please fill out this form.

Neck Pain Form

If you are experiencing neck pain, please fill out this form.

After the paperwork is complete, we will conduct a thorough examination and take X-rays if needed.

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